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Strong Like Mama

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing courses based in Tonbridge, Kent

Group, 1:1 and Online 

I honestly don't know where to transformed us from naive, overwhelmed, first time parents to confident, positive parents who are prepared, informed and excited about the birth of our baby.

L & L

A 3 hour labour with no pain relief...hypnobirthing with Rachel definitely had something to do with it!

S & S

We would highly recommend a course with Strong Like Mama, is definitely worth the money.

R & B

We now know that we have the tools and the knowledge for the labour and birth to be the best it can be for all of us, as we can now make informed decisions throughout

R & B

It really has been the best thing we have done in preparation for our baby.

L & L

I feel much more empowered following our course, that birth is something I do rather than something that happens to me.

S & T

Are you anxious about giving birth?

Strong Like Mama provides antenatal and hypnobirthing courses that enable you to take control of your birth experience and leave you feeling calm and confident about birthing your baby. 

Most women have anxieties about giving birth. Some are truly terrified. And nothing brings those worries home more than that blue line showing up on a pregnancy test! Then, as soon as you announce your pregnancy, everyone has a horrible birth story to tell you...right?!

You start to feel like your birth isn't something that you can control. That what will be will be and you just have to close your eyes and go with it. And your partner is even more terrified than you! He thinks he's going to be a spare part who just has to watch the woman he loves going through unimaginable pain. 

But LISTEN! It doesn't have to be that way. Not only can you and your partner spend your pregnancy feeling more relaxed and actually looking forward to birthing your baby, but you can also have a major impact on the way you birth your baby and the positivity of your birth experience. 

Wave goodbye to your fears and start feeling truly confident about your ability to give birth.  A Strong Like Mama course will leave you knowing your options and understanding what your body is really doing during labour. It will also give you a tool-box of effective relaxation techniques, so that you can birth your baby feeling relaxed. Empowered. Strong.

Book a course now and make a real impact on your birth experience