Private Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Course

'You transformed us from naive, overwhelmed, first time parents to confident, positive parents who are prepared, informed and excited about the birth of our baby' - L & L


Woman laying back with her newborn baby laying on her chest after giving birth in hospital


Pregnancy comes with a lot of emotions. But I would love for you to feel less of the fear and the worry, and more of the confidence and the excitement!

This course is unique to you - we discuss your worries and your dreams for your birth. And I ensure that you feel supported, informed, confident and excited to give birth! Not just during the course, but right up until you give birth. 

Booked with just a £50 deposit, you'll receive:

  • A full antenatal & hypnobirthing course of approximately 10 hours of interactive teaching time (usually spread over 4 sessions). 
  • The Strong Like Mama Course Companion in hard copy - which includes practical exercises, handy reminders for during labour, prompts for your birth partner, checklists and graphics to reinforce all that you'll learn on the course
  • A selection of practical, powerful relaxation techniques
  • 6 pregnancy and birth preparation relaxations on MP3, plus a bonus post-natal relaxation
  • Practical ways for your birth partner to support you, physically and emotionally 
  • Post-natal plan 
  • Ongoing support from me via phone, email and Whatsapp right up until your birth, including a Birth Booster call at 36+ weeks to top up your confidence levels as you reach full term

Courses can be taken any time from 20 weeks of pregnancy.

A Strong Like Mama hypnobirthing course includes a full antenatal education, during which we'll cover:

The mental prep:

The mind-body connection, the impact of mindset on labour and birth, the importance of language, your birthing hormones & how to support your body in labour, breathing & relaxation techniques and how they affect labour & birth, decision making, your rights & options and how to feel in control of your birth experience. 

The physical prep:

Practical tools to keep you feeling more comfortable, the impact of your environment on your labour, how your uterus works, positions for your baby to be in, how you can influence your baby's positioning, preventing tearing, the different stages of labour and what to do during each, and birthing your placenta.

The practical stuff: 

Where you can give birth and your options at each place of birth, 'natural' induction, medical induction, caesarean birth, transferring to hospital/birth centre, the Golden Hour after birth, your birth plans, your post-natal plan - and all amazing the stuff that your invaluable birth partner can do to help you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond!

* Private courses are currently being held face to face (if you live within 45 minutes drive of Tonbridge, Kent) and virtually over zoom - you choose which you would prefer.  The course content is identical, however it is delivered. *

Investment: £419 (your birth partner joins you for free) 

Book a private course 

Please note that you will need to book and pay for session 1, then I will contact you by email to book sessions 2, 3 and 4. These sessions can be booked for whenever is convenient for you, however they are ideally spaced a week apart.

Choose to either pay in full or with a £50 deposit when you book session 1 (please note that the balance must be paid by the course start date). Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive a further email with full course details. 

  • Have a pregnant friend or two who you'd like to do the course with? I'll happily organise a private course for you all - at group course rates! Get in touch for more information.

    Email if you have any questions about the booking process. 

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