Antenatal doula support

1:1 support throughout your pregnancy  - tailored to your needs and circumstances


Black and white photo of a new mother with her newborn on her chest after giving birth

Pregnancy can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster - the excitement and joy, the anxiety and the unknown...  and its so easy to feel like birth is something you just need to get through! In order to meet your baby! 

I know that you want more than that - a pregnancy and birth experience which you can look back on and smile about. But I also know that this isn't the norm in our society. 

My role is to help you prepare to meet your baby whilst feeling informed, prepared, excited and in control!

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"Your tips and knowledge are priceless!" - Louise & Oliver, second baby


Smiling woman just after giving birth at home, breastfeeding her babyHow can I help you during pregnancy? 

  • You will have tailored doula support to call upon at any stage of your pregnancy
  • You'll be armed with hypnobirthing & relaxation techniques to use in pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • You'll feel increasingly confident about giving birth to your baby!
  • You'll feel informed about how to support your body before, during and after birth
  • Your birth partner will learn how to truly support you
  • You'll feel empowered and confident about your rights and options
  • You'll be prepared for breastfeeding and the early weeks with your baby
  • Postnatal doula support is also available as an add-on
"I can honestly say without your unwavering support I/we would have been completely and utterly lost at the whole giving birth situation. Your support and course was the ultimate aid, confidence booster and knowledge provider. You were calm, helpful and gave us straight, educated advice throughout, at quite literally all hours (including new years eve!!?!)" - Georgie & Jonathan, first baby

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    Smiling mum and dad looking at their newborn baby in a birth poolWhat are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

    • Reduced fear & anxiety
    • Reduced pain & a shorter labour
    • Feeling more in control
    • Reduced medical interventions
    • A more involved birth partner
    • Bonding time with your baby
    • More positive feelings about birth, postnatally
    "I know that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to question and debate with medical professionals without Rachel’s bespoke support - this allowed us to make informed decisions and continue planning for, and looking forward to, our baby’s birth" - Rebecca & David, first baby


      Book me at any stage of your pregnancy, for bespoke, 1:1 support throughout.  

      Antenatal doula package includes:

      • A full 12-hour hypnobirthing & birth preparation education, delivered privately in your own home (or online, as you prefer).
      • Hard copy course companions, online resources and recorded relaxations
      • Postnatal planning and comprehensive preparation to get breastfeeding off to a great start
      • Emotional & informational support over whatsapp, email and telephone for the duration of your pregnancy 

      Please note that I am not a birth doula and will not be present at your birth

      Investment: £650 

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