Breastfeeding & postnatal course

So you really want to breastfeed your baby - but you've no idea where to start?! From getting a comfortable latch to ensuring a good milk supply... through to your options for expressing breastmilk and ways that your partner can support you. It can feel like a minefield of information!

Not only that, but you've heard about all the struggles that friends and family have had with breastfeeding. 

In the UK, 80% of women give up breastfeeding before they want to. Sometimes this is due to lack of support, sometimes it is due to myths about how breastfeeding works and what your baby needs, and sometimes it is because breastfeeding and the responsibility of a new baby can feel overwhelming.  


New mum in hospital bed after giving birth, breastfeeding and smiling at her newborn baby
 'I feel prepared and excited and love that I have undertaken the journey with my husband so we are on the same page. I cannot recommend Rachel's breastfeeding course enough' - Kate, breastfeeding course, first baby


In this 3 hour course you will:

  • Learn how to breastfeed comfortably 
  • Identify the most common difficulties (including painful latch & concerns about low milk supply) and how to resolve them
  • Understand how to support your body making milk and to connect with your baby
  • Understand your options for expressing milk so that you know your options for building in flexibility
  • Learn what to expect from life with a newborn baby
  • Find out how you can make the early weeks easier - with guidance on baby-wearing & safe sleeping
  • Enjoy a calmer start to parenthood 

You will leave this course feeling confident and excited about making breastfeeding work for you and your baby.

Courses can be taken at any stage of pregnancy.

Private courses are held either online over zoom or face to face at your home (if you are within 30 minutes drive of Tonbridge)

Investment: £150 

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'I honestly don't think I would of got through this first week of breastfeeding without the knowledge and support tools I gained from the course I did with you'
- Stacey, first baby