Struggling with breastfeeding?

1:1 private breastfeeding support in your own home - mum breastfeeding baby - Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Kent

Perhaps things have never felt quite right and you're sick of dreading every feed. 

Perhaps you felt breastfeeding was going well... but something has changed and now you're worried that your feeding journey seems to be changing direction. 

Don't just suffer on - reach out for some specialist breastfeeding support!

Book in for a 1:1 consultation so I can give you some techniques, tools and information to get things back on a more comfortable, more positive path.

No dragging your baby out of the house at a time when you are feeling exhausted and frustrated. No trying to breastfeed your baby in a room full of strangers at a time when its most stressful. I can either come to you at home (if you're within a 30 minute drive of Tonbridge), or we can have the consultation via zoom - whichever you prefer. And then you also get a week's worth of follow up WhatsApp support, to support you with any other questions that you have. 

Talking things through, receiving support with latch and positioning, being reassured about what is (and isn't) normal newborn behaviour, and being given some practical tools to make your breastfeeding journey calmer and more confident can make all the difference. Sometimes the fix can be something so quick and simple, sometimes it can be a little more complicated - but either way you'll feel supported, calmer and more in control throughout. 

  • 1 hour private consultation with follow up WhatsApp support

Book a 1:1 breastfeeding consultation