1:1 breastfeeding support - Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks

Are you struggling with breastfeeding? Maybe things have never felt quite right and you're sick of dreading every feed

Perhaps you felt breastfeeding was going well... but something has changed and now you're worried that your feeding journey seems to be changing direction.

Perhaps you have had a difficult past experience with breastfeeding and now you're keen to ensure that with this next baby, things will be different.  

Don't just struggle on - reach out for some specialist breastfeeding support! 

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New mother breastfeeding her baby in Tunbridge Wells hospital after giving birth


"After I had my baby, I was really struggling with breastfeeding and was even told by a professional lactation consultant that I should take a break for weeks from breastfeeding. When Rachel came over she helped me immediately and I have been breastfeeding ever since." - Vivien, first baby


I offer face to face breastfeeding support either online or at your home in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas. Book in for a 1:1 consultation so I can give you the support, techniques, tools and information to get things back on a more comfortable, more positive path.

Breastfeeding is natural like walking, not natural like breathing. It's completely normal for it to take practice and support!

No dragging your baby out of the house at a time when you are feeling exhausted and frustrated. No trying to breastfeed your baby in a room full of strangers at a time when its most stressful. Book a consultation to feel supported, calmer and more in control. 


"When we hit huge challenges with breastfeeding, Rachel got us back on the path I wanted with her exceptional patience and knowledge." - Helen, first baby


A 2 hour consultation is £80 (face to face visits must be within 30 minutes drive of Tonbridge)

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"Rachel was invaluable...without her we'd have a very different feeding journey" - Elizabeth, second baby


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