Positive Caesarean Birth Course

Are you booked in for a c-section and feeling anxious about it?

Perhaps you had been planning a less medicalised birth and would like some help making your caesarean birth to feel gentler and more personalised

Whether you have previously experienced a caesarean section or not, it is perfectly normal to have worries about the process and post-natal period. My Positive Caesarean Birth Course is designed to help you to feel calm, confident and in control of your baby's birth. Because there is so much that you can do to make your abdominal birth a unique, beautiful experience

"Everything....went above and beyond in our eyes and we can't thank you enough"
- Victoria & Charlie, first baby, planned caesarean


Black and white photo of a baby being born by C section birth in hospital theatre

Not only will you and your birth partner feel calmer in the lead-up to your birth, but you will feel more prepared to support your post-natal recovery and to manage any additional hurdles that may occur along the way for either you or your baby.

"You were literally amazing! We are on such a happy and calm high now! Thank you, thank you, thank you...Honestly a life changing session" - Kate, first baby, planned caesarean 


Courses available either face to face (within 30 minutes of Tonbridge, Kent) or online. 


  • Discussion in advance of the course to identify how the course can most suit your needs
  • 3 hours of live teaching time 
  • Antenatal education covering the hormones, the caesarean birth process, decision-making, all your options, birth planning & post-natal recovery
  • A selection of practical, powerful relaxation techniques 
  • Hard-copy course companion & access to an online hub of further resources
  • Recorded hypnobirthing tracks to listen to in your own time
  • A selection of positive caesarean stories

Investment: £150 (your birth partner joins you for free)

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"We felt Rachel's genuine passion for wanting to help make the day you meet your baby to be one of the most special, memorable days of your life - which ours truly was." - Michelle & Brian, first baby, planned caesarean