Online and face to face courses now available - both in accordance with social distancing guidelines


'I honestly don't know where to transformed us from naiive, overwhelmed, first time parents to confident, positive parents who are prepared, informed and excited about the birth of our baby.'

'I feel like from start to finish you not only provided the course material but a package of care...You went above and beyond and we felt really comfortable and supported.'

'I had been told positive things about the course from friends, about hypnobirthing managing pain, but I didn't realise there was so much more to it.'

'The most helpful thing about the course is about how confident and prepared it has made us both feel about pregnancy and the birth of our baby. We genuinely learnt so much and rather than feeling like we are going into the unknown, we talk about the birth with excitement and like we are the ones in control.'

'It really has been the best thing we have done in preparation for our baby, you made us feel so comfortable and able to ask any questions, I could even be in my pyjamas! We felt completely supported throughout and have learnt so much. We really can't thank you enough and I will be recommending to anyone I know who is pregnant that this course is a must!!' 

- L & L - first baby 


'A 3 hour labour with no pain relief...hypnobirthing with Rachel definitely had something to do with it!'

- S & S - second baby


'We went into this with an open mind especially as our antenatal classes were cancelled and came out feeling relaxed even given the late challenges in my pregnancy. You've even converted [my partner] and changed his opinion on how helpful hypnobirthing is and can be.'

'The extra support you provide, the care and just listening to what we had to say was excellent.'

'Rachel, we honestly cannot say how helpful this course has been and how much we would recommend you!'

'Everything you have shown us and taught us along with all of the extra information and research you did for us...went above and beyond in our eyes and we can't thank you enough.'

- V & C - first baby


'I wanted to say I feel we were very lucky to find you! Lockdown has obviously been very hard, particularly being pregnant and [my partner] not being allowed to accompany me to appointments, scans etc. But without it we probably wouldn't have come across your page, so that is definitely a silver lining!!'

'My partner literally had no idea about birth, so this course has been great in educating him and assuring him it won't be a hectic or stressful experience.'

'I feel much more prepared for the birth of my baby and feel more confident in achieving the birth experience I would like, no matter what 'pot holes' we may come across along the way. Thank you so much.'

- S & T - first baby


'I would like to say a huge thank you.. taking part in your hypnobirthing sessions was one of the best decisions we've made. Hypnobirthing has changed everything in my mind about giving birth...'

'I couldn't wait for our next session. I felt like a goddess every time we were talking about how wonderful a woman's body is.'

'You've already made a huge difference in my daughter's birth and my birth experience- what I can not wait to share with you.'

-A & N - first baby


'Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed the course... It was really insightful and I now feel in a much more comfortable and relaxed state of mind going into the birth. I feel very prepared and I'm actually looking forward to that day arriving.'

- H & J - first baby


'The course included a great mixture of very useful information throughout from Rachel, which as well as teaching us a great deal, also made us realise that we have many more choices about labour and birth than we knew were possible.' 

'As we went along, we asked lots of questions, which Rachel was both happy and able to answer in detail, without hesitation...She knows her stuff!' 

'We would highly recommend the hypnobirthing course with Strong Like Mama to anyone that is considering it. It's definitely worth the money...'

'Rachel makes it fun and relaxed rather than making it feel like you're back at school in a classroom again.'

'The course has made [my partner] and I both feel so much more prepared, confident, empowered, and calmer about the upcoming labour and birth of our baby.'

'Whichever direction things go in, and if things end up going 'off plan', we now know that we have the tools and knowledge for the labour and birth to be the best it can be for all of us and we can now make informed decisions throughout.'

- R & B - first baby