Testimonials - postnatal & breastfeeding

'Having struggled to breastfeed my first baby, I used Rachel to provide post-natal support with my second child. From our “power hour” session right through to the breastfeeding support, Rachel was invaluable. She provided judgement free, practical advice and guidance. Without her, we would have had a very different feeding journey.

In those early days when establishing feeding, having someone on hand to direct you to improve latch or to get a tongue tie assessed was fantastic and such a weight off our mind. Three weeks in, we have overcome latch difficulties, a tongue tie and are successfully gaining weight thanks to Rachel’s help. I can’t recommend her enough!'

- Elizabeth, second baby


'If it wasn’t for Rachel I would not be exclusively breastfeeding as she suspected, and was correct, that our baby had a tongue tie and signposted us to the professionals we needed to get it resolved.'

- Natalie, first baby


'When we hit huge challenges with breastfeeding, Rachel got us back on the path I wanted with her exceptional patience and knowledge.'
- Helen, first baby

'Rachel came over when my baby was day 3 for a 2 hour breastfeeding appointment at my house. It was invaluable to have a one on one session and get the best head start on breastfeeding. She was brilliant at listening to me and my concerns and giving me lots of valuable advice during and after the session. After having a really difficult time feeding with my first I was determined to get onto a good track with my second and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to do the same. With a barrage of information on feeding it's really nice to hear one voice guiding you through it.'
- Hattie, second baby


'Words won't do my gratitude to Rachel justice, but I will try. Rachel has been a lifesaver for my postnatal recovery. She has helped me mentally get through the darkest of days and has helped me reframe my mind to take each hour and each day at a time.

If it wasn't for her I wouldn't still be exclusively breastfeeding 4 months in (something I NEVER thought I’d mentally and physically still be doing.) Her black book of contacts and knowledge is invaluable and has helped me tremendously when looking for recommendations of specialists!

Our son smiles every time she walks through the door and loves her cuddles, playtime, power walks or sling naps. Her support mentally and physically around the house with doing the small things like karate chopping my pillows puts a smile on my face and her attention to my needs is so special.

If you are thinking about postnatal doula support, stop thinking and book Rachel - she will change your life and help you in ways you didn't know you ever needed help with. I am a better human and mum because of her!'

- Mikaela, first baby


'Rachel I just wanted to say a personal thank you for your professionalism and advice after the birth - it can be scary being a first time mum and you offered reassurance and help when I needed it.'
- Holly & Lloyd - first baby 


'Me and my husband feel very lucky to have met Rachel. 

After I had my baby, I was really struggling with breastfeeding and was even told by a professional lactation consultant that I should take a break for weeks from breastfeeding. When Rachel came over she helped me immediately and I have been breastfeeding ever since. 

We cannot recommend her more for anyone who wants advice and support during or after pregnancy.'

- Vivien & Charlie - first baby


'Feeding is going SO well!' 

- Lauren & Kieran - first baby 


'I honestly don't think I would have got through this first week of breastfeeding without the knowledge and support tools I gained from the course I did with you.'

'Rachel, thanks so much for the support, I feel so much more confident about feeding and my journey to become a FTM - you are amazing'

'I knew the course would include techniques on actual breastfeeding but not the mindset information and exercises that we did which has been so beneficial.'

'I learnt so many tips and things to understand what breastfeeding requires, physically and mentally.'

- Stacey - first baby 


'I genuinely do not know where I would be without Rachel's breastfeeding course. As a first time mum-to-be, Rachel has completely changed my mindset. I feel prepared and excited and love that I have undertaken the journey with my husband so we are on the same page. I cannot recommend it enough and am so grateful for all her advice and support. I miss our sessions already! It felt like chatting to a good friend.'

'Breastfeeding was a bit of a minefield for me before I did the course! The course was very well organised and explained and the information was never overwhelming - in fact it was the opposite; easy to understand and digest.'

'There was so much I found helpful - from the basic science, to learning about latching, what to expect and how I can help my baby breastfeed. I felt very lost beforehand with so many questions and Rachel has really prepared me and helped my confidence.' 

- Kate - first baby