The online hypnobirthing & antenatal course - with added support!

"...the tools to make you feel confident that you can have a positive impact on your own birthing journey and that you don't just have to be a passenger! - Daisy & Martyn

Smiling woman breastfeeding newborn baby after home birth

What if giving birth could be the most incredible thing you ever do?

I know that society tells us that birth is scary and painful and is just something you have to get through in order to meet your baby. But what if it didn't have to be like that?

My world is full of stories of amazing, empowering birth experiences!  Antenatal courses teach you about the process of birth. Hypnobirthing teaches you about the process of birth + how to influence that process + how to stay calm and feel in control throughout!
If you're suspecting that birth can be the most incredible thing you ever do - you're right! 

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 What's included?
  • 6.5 hours of bitesize video content
  • 8 self-hypnosis & relaxation tracks 
  • A 100 page downloadable course companion
  • Online hub full of further resources
  • Access to a live, weekly clinic for further support (the most affordable way to have face-time with me)
"It really has been the best thing we have done in preparation for our baby" - Lauren & Liam, first baby 


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New mother breastfeeding her baby in Tunbridge Wells hospital after birth
Why hypnobirthing? 
  • Reduce your fear of birth
  • Reduce your pain levels and shorten your labour 
  • Bond with your baby & support their development
  • Have a more included birth partner
  • Feel more in control before and during birth
  • Reduce your levels of medical intervention 
  • Feel more positive about your birth, postnatally


    "Your tips and knowledge are priceless! Without you we wouldn't have the same amazing story to tell" - Louise & Oliver, second baby


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    Hi, I'm Rachel!

    Sevenoaks hypnobirthing teacher Rachel Quickenden

    I live in Kent and I help expectant and new parents to get rid of the anxiety and the overwhelm that is so normal in pregnancy. I will get you trusting your body and feeling confident in your decisions - so you can stop all the late night Googling and instead feel prepared and excited to have your baby.

    I plug the gaps in our over-stretched maternity system so that you aren't left thinking "why did nobody tell me about that?"... and instead feel confident and in control as you move through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I work in-person in West-Kent and online. 

    "We can't stop raving about how amazing your course was! No one can believe how smooth our birth was!" - Lauren & Kieran, first baby


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