What is Mindful Breastfeeding?

Practical and emotional tools to enable parents to experience a calmer, more enjoyable breastfeeding journey and a gentler start to parenthood

It's so common to struggle in the early weeks (show me a parent who doesn't!!) - whether that is with a painful latch, worries about low milk supply, lack of sleep, or just the realisation that life is suddenly very, very different.

But without support, and the tools to help manage those worries, they can impact on your ability to breastfeed, your enjoyment of breastfeeding, and the connection that you build with your baby. 

We talk about oxytocin and mindset a lot when it comes to birth... but did you know that they also have a big impact on breastfeeding? Feeling anxious, stressed, worried or pressured can actually impact on your milk supply for your baby - which of course then makes you feel more stressed and worried about your ability to breastfeed!

So its essential to stop the cycle - so that you feel calmer, more confident and more connected with your baby. Focus on that, and the breastfeeding will come more easily. 

Mindful Breastfeeding:

  • Helps you understand the impact that your brain has on your body's ability to make milk and your connection with your baby as you both learn to breastfeed
  • Provides you with self-care tools to support you mentally and emotionally through the challenges of early parenthood
  • Teaches you about the physiology of breastfeeding so that you can support your body's milk supply and breastfeed comfortably
  • Creates a positive mindset, to help you have a more relaxed, fulfilling parenting experience 
  • Informs you about how your early parenting can support your breastfeeding, through baby-wearing and safe sleeping
  • Prepares you for the 4th trimester, and supports the transition that both you and your baby make in the early weeks and months

All Strong Like Mama breastfeeding courses include Mindful Breastfeeding techniques, because not only do they physically support your body to breastfeed but they lead to a calmer, more confident breastfeeding experience.

Find out more about my:

Preparing to Breastfeed - antenatal course (for you and your partner, perfect from 20 weeks pregnant)

Nurture Mama, Nurture Baby - postnatal course (a postnatal course for you and your baby, anytime between 0-3 months) 

Mindful Breastfeeding School - Tonbridge - Tunbridge Wells - antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding courses

 'I have had some super stressful moments... but I have remained determined, calm and positive and I do put that down to our time together so thank you very much'