Looking for an NCT class in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells?

March 05, 2022

Looking for an NCT class in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells?

NCT classes are a really popular way of meeting other new expectant parents. Its so helpful to build that support network and have friends who are going through the same big life events as you are - there’s even a commonly used joke that NCT is the easiest way to buy yourself some mum-friends!

NCT classes cover a broad range of topics and can give a good overview of the things you’re going to face as a new parent – whether that’s the stages of labour, your options for feeding your baby or how to change a nappy.

If you are wanting to prepare for birth and parenthood in more detail, here are some brilliant further options!

  1. A hypnobirthing course

As birth-prep goes, a hypnobirthing course goes into much more detail about how to prepare for a positive birth. Through the use of relaxation, re-framing and positive mindset techniques, the course is focused on getting you feeling much calmer and far more excited about the idea of giving birth (rather than the anxiety that many people feel). This is important because when you feel calm in labour, your body is able to progress more easily and more comfortably (a shorter labour and less pain? – hooray!)

My Bump to Birth to Breast course is a full antenatal course which inter-weaves hypnobirthing throughout. The course prepares you both mentally and physically for birth, but is also a practical how-to for your birth partner too! I also include two sessions on the post-natal period, life with a newborn baby and breastfeeding so that you are feeling as prepared as possible.

Taking part in an in-person group course also means that you benefit from those all important mat-leave friends too! To find out more about my group hypnobirthing courses in Tunbridge Wells, click here.

  1. A pregnancy yoga course

There are so many wonderful benefits of yoga during pregnancy! It’s a great way to stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy, and of course helps you to meet and bond with other mums to be.

Pregnancy yoga usually includes breathing techniques, to help you manage your breath in labour, some gentle stretching, yoga practice to strengthen muscles that will be needed for labour, and some simple relaxation techniques.

Margarita Anderson is a really popular pregnancy yoga teacher in Tunbridge Wells – get in touch with her to book onto one of her pregnancy yoga classes.

  1. Pre-natal personal training

If you are missing your pre-pregnancy gym sessions because you’re nervous about what you can and can’t do, get in touch with a pre-natal personal trainer! Keeping fit and active during pregnancy provides lots of wonderful benefits, both physically and mentally. These include reduced back and pelvic pain, better sleep, increased energy levels, a reduced risk of pregnancy complications and quicker post-natal recovery.

Anecdotally, people also report a sense of control of their body and improved mood and self-esteem.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with Kathryn Tickle Fitness, who is a pre and post-natal fitness trainer based in Tunbridge Wells.

  1. Baby First Aid

A lot of us want to know how to look after a baby day to day, but rarely do we think about what we’d do if anything went wrong. Daisy First Aid Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks host a whole range of paediatric and family-focused first aid courses and – having done one myself – I can say that they are not only super engaging but potentially the most invaluable thing you’ll learn in a couple of hours. Once your baby is on the move, falling into coffee tables and eating solids you’ll be so grateful that for the ability to act calmly in an emergency.

Nicola has lots of options for classes in the local area so take a look at her website and get in touch.

  1. Doula support

Doulas come with a lot of myths – people often assume that the take the role of the birth partner, or that they’re just there to give a bit of massage in labour. There are in fact a range of doula options – from antenatal to birth to post-natal doulas – and they all come with amazing statistics of their impact on birth outcomes and the post-natal period. 

They reduce the risk of a caesarean birth, an instrumental birth, the rate of induction and the need for an epidural in labour. Parents with doulas report increased satisfaction with the birth experience and a shorter labour. Having a doula can also mean an increased likelihood of establishing breastfeeding and continuing breastfeeding to 6 weeks, and they can lead to a reduction in symptoms of post-natal depression.

The key is finding the right doula for you, with the right offering for you! I will soon be offering my services as a doula so do get in touch if you’d like to explore this further – otherwise pop over to the Nurturing Birth directory to find a doula near you.

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