5 reasons your baby or toddler might be breastfeeding more frequently

October 07, 2021

5 reasons your baby or toddler might be breastfeeding more frequently

So your baby or toddler is suddenly feeding much more than usual... I'll bet you're having at least one of these thoughts:

"Has my supply dropped?"

"Is my baby not getting enough milk any more?"

"Do I need to start weaning my baby onto solids?"

"Perhaps I should be topping up with formula?"

"Am I making my baby too clingy?"

"Will my baby breastfeed until they're 15?!"

Am I right?!

Well - relax! It's really common for babies and toddlers to go through phases of wanting to breastfeed more than usual. And if they're producing lots of wet nappies and are continuing to put on weight, you likely have nothing to worry about! Have a look at these 5 reasons why they might be feeding more than usual:


1. They’re going through a grow spurt! Just as you’d expect a 6 year old to eat more when growing lots, so does a baby or toddler. 

2. They’re fighting off a bug! Whether they seem poorly yet or not, your baby may be picking up extra antibodies to help support their immune system and fight an illness. How amazing that your body and your baby are communicating to protect your baby in that way! 

3. They’re going through a developmental leap! This can mean more for your baby or toddler to cope with so they naturally seek out that comfort and may wake more too. 

4. They’re thirsty! In hot weather, or when poorly, expect your baby to want more to drink. Just as we would up our fluids, they do the same! 

5. They’re teething!  Remember what it’s like to have your wisdom teeth come through? It’s no wonder they want the comfort of a feed - and breastfeeding actually reduces the pain that they feel! 


So remember: they’re not just being clingy... breastfeeding isn’t just because they’re hungry.... and this won’t last forever. Nothing is wrong, your baby and your body are working together perfectly!

If you are pregnant and would like to arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to have a calm, positive breastfeeding journey, you can join me for my antenatal course: Preparing to Breastfeed. It's available either online or face to face (if you are local to the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks area), and I teach both in groups or 1:1. You can read more here or get in touch to chat further. 

Rachel xxx 


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