The birth of Amelie - an empowering hospital birth

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at around 28 weeks, which was controlled with medication, starting on metformin and later progressing on to insulin injections at around 32 weeks as my blood sugar seemed to be increasing as my term went on.

After many consultations due to the gestational diabetes, the diabetic midwives at the hospital wanted to get us booked in to induce us at 39 weeks in line with their standard practise. However with no history of diabetes, due to the lack of evidence they could provide around why it would be necessary to go down the route of induction at this earlier date we declined, and started looking at natural ways to induce labour. From here we experimented with some aromatherapy that we just set up at home with some oils and diffusers, and also a reflexology session which felt amazing.

Most importantly we maintained a nice calm environment and made sure we kept the oxytocin flowing in those final weeks and I just trusted that my body would do the right thing, as it was designed to.

At 39 weeks and 2 days, my waters went at about 3am along with a feeling of dull period cramps. I decided not to wake my partner up and to go back to bed as we’d both need our energy! I actually dreamt that I was in labour and could feel the surges in my dreams and managed to go back to sleep until about 8am.

When I woke I was having mild surges and we got up to take the dog for a walk around the local park, made breakfast and bounced on the ball to keep things moving. At about 11am my surges started to become more intense and I knew it was time to get in to the bath. I listened to the relaxation mp3s with lavender and clary sage candles around me and was breathing through my surges which were quickly becoming more regular and more intense, but still manageable.

At 12:30 we called the hospital as my surges were increasing in intensity and becoming more frequent. I spoke to the midwife who said to call back in an hour as this was our first baby and I still sounded so chilled! 30 minutes later we called back to say we were on our way in. By the time we got to the hospital, I had an overwhelming urge to push and asked for some gas and air to breath through my surges. I consented to intermittent monitoring so that I could stay upright and active as opposed to the continuous monitoring the diabetic midwife had proposed as per the standard policy with GD.

At about 3pm our wonderful midwife took us to the delivery room and started to run the water for the birthing pool. I let my partner test my blood sugar and my levels were perfect. I was still using some gas and air to help me breath through my surges which were coming ever more frequently. I consented to an examination and it turned out I was fully dilated! We didn’t have time to get in to the pool but instinct took over and I got in to position. I stopped using the gas and air from this point and let my body take over.

Our perfect daughter Amelie, was born at 4:16pm weighing 7lbs 9oz. We agreed to let the midwife test her blood sugars and they were absolutely normal and a few hours later we enjoyed a nice sugary, carby meal to celebrate!


Hypnobirthing mum laying on hospital bed next to her newborn daughter just after a positive birth