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Hypnobirthing & Breastfeeding course - The Yoga House, Tunbridge Wells   
New mum with baby after natural birth - Tunbridge Wells hypnobirthing antenatal course
"I would highly recommend Rachel and her birthing courses to any expectant mothers, it completely changed the way we looked at pregnancy, labour and birth and left us feeling empowered, knowledgeable and excited for what was to come. Thank you Rachel!"  - Rebecca & David, first baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I know it can be a rollercoaster of emotions - exciting and scary in equal measures. And fear of the unknown is a biggy!

But here's the thing. Iis possible to prepare for birth in a way which feels confident and positive...whilst also being realistic and preparing you for the unpredictability of birth.  My world is full of stories of amazing, empowering birth experiences!  Antenatal courses teach you about the process of birth. Hypnobirthing teaches you about the process of birth + how to influence that process + how to stay calm and feel in control throughout!

If you're suspecting that birth can be the most incredible thing you ever do - you're right! Save your spot today on my Tunbridge Wells hypnobirthing course! 


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 New mum and baby at Tunbridge Wells hospital after birth - Tunbridge Wells hypnobirthing antenatal classes
How will you feel after Bump to Birth to Breast?
  • Excited about birthing your baby!
  • Able to enjoy your  pregnancy and really trust your body
  • Informed and confident about your rights and options 
  • Supported by your birth partner
  • Prepared for breastfeeding and the newborn weeks
"It really has been the best thing we have done in preparation for our baby" - Lauren & Liam, first baby 


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The Yoga House, Tunbridge Wells, hypnobirthing classes
Why hypnobirthing? 
  • Reduce your fear of birth
  • Reduce your pain levels and shorten your labour 
  • Bond with your baby & support their development
  • Have a more included birth partner
  • Feel more in control before and during birth
  • Reduce your levels of medical intervention 
  • Feel more positive about your birth, postnatally

    "Your tips and knowledge are priceless! Without you we wouldn't have the same amazing story to tell" - Louise & Oliver, second baby


    What do we cover?

    Sessions 1 & 2: The impact of the brain on your birth, how to support your body, pain relief techniques for labour, birth partner support, positions for labour and birth, possible interventions 

    Sessions 3 & 4: Inducing labour and caesareans - and making these positive too! The stages of labour and birth, your options for where to give birth and pain relief, birth planning

    Sessions 5 & 6: The early weeks with a baby, how breastfeeding works, overcoming common breastfeeding difficulties, expressing/pumping breastmilk, baby-wearing and safe sleeping 


    "We can't stop raving about how amazing your course was! No one can believe how smooth our birth was!" - Lauren & Kieran, first baby


    Bookable with just a £50 deposit*:

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    * Balance due 7 days before course start date 

    These hypnobirthing courses take place in the gorgeous setting of The Yoga House, Upper Cumberland Walk, Tunbridge Wells, and can be taken anytime from around 20 weeks of pregnancy. 

    Course includes:
    • 6 x Thursday evenings of engaging content, for you and your birth partner 
    • The Strong Like Mama Course Companion in hard copy - full of birth stories, checklists and information 
    • Access to the Strong Like Mama online Hub - full of videos, articles and further resources
    • A selection of recorded guided relaxations 
    • Invitation to a join a Whatsapp group with your new parent pals!
    • Ongoing support from me - right up until your baby is in your arms 


    Hi, I'm Rachel!

    Sevenoaks hypnobirthing teacher Rachel Quickenden

    I live in Tonbridge and I help expectant and new parents to get rid of the anxiety and the overwhelm that is so normal in pregnancy. I will get you trusting your body and feeling more confident about your decisions - so you can stop all the late night Googling and instead feel prepared and excited to have your baby.

    I plug the gaps in our over-stretched NHS maternity system so that you aren't left thinking "why did nobody tell me about that?"... and instead feel confident and in control as you move through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I work in-person, in and around Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks (and online when requested).

    "Rachel was a voice of calm, kindness and empowering wisdom" - Emma & Joe, first baby

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