Course content

"Thank you from the bottom of your hearts for all your hypnobirthing help and support, without you we would not have the same amazing story to tell" - L & O


The full Strong Like Mama private course provides you with approximately 9 hours of live teaching time, plus additional learning at home. 

The agenda for the full course is as follows: 

Session 1

  1. What is hypnobirthing?
  2. The mind - body connection 
  3. The impact of mindset on labour and birth
  4. The importance of language 
  5. Your birthing hormones 
  6. The muscles of the uterus 
  7. 'Up breathing' & visualisations 
  8. Relaxations and how they work

Session 2

  1. Further relaxation techniques 
  2. Usual and unusual positions for your baby to be in 
  3. How you can influence your baby's positioning 
  4. Perineal massage 
  5. Navigating the maternity system 
  6. Sweeps & Induction 
  7. Caesarean birth 
  8. Birth partners' questions

Session 3

  1. Place of birth & your options at each 
  2. 'Natural' induction 
  3. The 'Up' stage of labour 
  4. Transferring to hospital / birth centre 
  5. Birth pools
  6. The 'Down stage' of labour
  7. 'Down breathing' and visualisations
  8. The Golden Hour 
  9. Birthing your placenta
  10. Your birth plans


"Both my husband and I feel so much more in control and ready this time round" - S & S