Online and face to face courses now available - both in accordance with social distancing guidelines

Course content

"The course included a great mixture of very useful information...which as well as teaching us a great deal, also made us realise that we have many more choices about labour and birth than we knew were possible" - R & B 


Strong Like Mama offers both group and private coursesI trained and qualified with KGHypnobirthing (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) and teach the KGHypnobirthing parents' course. The full course provides you with approximately 9 hours of live teaching time, plus additional learning at home. 

The agenda for the full course is as follows: 

Session 1

  1. Worries and what you want to achieve chart
  2. The 6 Cs of KGH
  3. What is hypnotherapy
  4. What is KGHypnobirthing
  5. How the mind works
  6. The impact of negatives
  7. Other mammals giving birth 
  8. The muscles of the uterus
  9. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  10. The power of the mind 
  11. 'Up breathing' & visualisations 
  12. Relaxations and how they work
  13. Calm Trust Relaxation

Session 2

  1. Physical positions for birth (mum & baby)
  2. Back to back baby
  3. Breech baby
  4. Caesarean birth
  5. Pelvic floor exercises
  6. Perineal massage
  7. Preventing tearing
  8. Positions for birth
  9. 'What if's before birth: due dates, sweeps, induction, ‘natural’ induction
  10. Birth partners' questions
  11. The onset of labour
  12. Confidence & Power Relaxation

Session 3

  1. Place of birth & pain relief available
  2. ‘What if’s for baby
  3. Type of care in each place of birth 
  4. Transfer to hospital 
  5. Birth partner’s role
  6. Early labour
  7. The 'Up stage' of labour
  8. Phone call to midwife / hospital 
  9. Packing your hospital bag 
  10. Arrival at triage
  11. Established labour
  12. Back stroking
  13. Birth pools
  14. Transition
  15. The 'Down stage' of labour
  16. 'Down breathing' and visualisations
  17. Pushing
  18. The Golden Hour 
  19. Your birth preferences 
  20. Revisit ‘what you want to achieve’ chart


"Both my husband and I feel so much more in control and ready this time round" - S & S