Intro to Hypnobirthing - Free workshop!

Free hypnobirthing workshop in Tonbridge


So you're dithering about whether to book onto a hypnobirthing course because you're just not sure whether its "you"...?

Your partner just rolls their eyes every time you mention it... but its been recommended SO highly you think "what harm could it do to find out a bit more?"

Join me for this free workshop and learn a bit more about what hypnobirthing is - and what its not! Find out how it works, WHY it works, and what a massive impact it can have on you and your birth experience. I'll even teach you a few techniques so you can walk away feeling a bit more in control when it comes to preparing for birth.

I'll be at Nancy's tearoom in Tonbridge, 10am on Saturday 21st May. 

Grab a cuppa, a notepad and pen - and your birth partner! So that I can show you both that:

a) There will be no weirdness and nothing remotely hippyish,

b) There are NO rules about the type of birth that hypnobirthing helps (spoiler: its for ALL births, hospital, home, vaginal, caesarean - the lot!), and

c) that hypnobirthing is in fact totally evidence-based and rooted in science. My training was accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

The perfect try-before-you-buy!

That anxiety you feel about giving birth? It doesn't need to be that way. You really can feel calm, confident and informed, so that you can prepare for your best possible birth! I can't wait to set you on your path towards an incredible birth experience.

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See you there!

Rachel xxx